Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cholesterol and Colon Cancer

I read an article today about a study that showed that higher HDL could decrease the risk of colon cancer. If you realize that cholesterol is vital for cellular function, then it's not a stretch of the imagination that by lowering cholesterol, you're doing damage to your body.

The article states that this was independent of other markers for colon cancer, which "include inflammation, insulin resistance and oxygen free radicals."

What increases inflammation, insulin resistance and free radical formation? If you said Carbohydrates, you're correct! What do you suppose the article says you should do to reduce your risk? If you said limit intake of red meat, you are also correct! Except that red meat has nothing to do with it. The studies they cite that show that meat has anything to do with colon cancer do not control for variables. People eat hamburgers and then say the meat is responsible.

This is just one more reason, besides all the terrible side effects, of why you should avoid statins. Lowering cholesterol is the last thing you want to do. If you want to be healthy, and avoid these diseases, then avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates, and don't worry about your cholesterol. If you are overweight or diabetic, then you should probably limit all carbohydrate intake.

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