Friday, March 11, 2011

Sugar Crash

Today we went out for lunch. We rarely do that. A friend of ours runs a little restaurant and we ate there. I have to admit that I had way too many carbs for lunch, and afterwards felt like crap. I would have probably been fine, except our friend always wants to give us desert, and then how can you not eat it? That would be rude. So anyway, I was tired and jittery all at once. I walked about a half mile after and that helped a lot though. This is why I don't like eating out. I mean, before I started this, I enjoyed eating out once in a while. Now, it's nearly impossible to do so with some exceptions. I mean, you can get a burger and toss the bun. Or you can get a steak. But you have to be at the right place for that. And even then, you're probably consuming vegetable oil, since that's what the restaurants cook everything in. It's so much easier just to cook for yourself.

On the way home I heard an ad for some company that will remove your fat, as in plastic surgery. I thought, why don't people just stop eating the carbohydrates? And then I remembered. They'd have to be told the truth. And they'd have to want to make the decision to do so. Like an alcoholic, carbs can be addictive for some people, and even if they're diabetic and it's killing them, they won't want to give the carbohydrates up. A piece of cake is more important to them than their health.

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