Monday, April 4, 2011

Lies, and the Vegans that tell them

I've been busy the last few days and haven't had a chance to write anything. While going through my email tonight, I have yet more spam from the Eat Right America morons. Tonight's theme was too much not to write about. It basically said I should eat less meat but they weren't trying to promote veganism. Yeah and I'm the Pope. {/snark}

The thing though that prompted me to write though is this, they lie. Liars, liars, pants on fire. (Should I be surprised? Probably not, most people propagating the vegan diet have to lie because if they told the truth, few would be vegan.) So what reason do they give for eating less meat?
"In fact, [animal products] are rich in substances that scientific studies have shown to be associated with incidence of cancer and heart disease: saturated fat, cholesterol and arachidonic acid, an inflammatory acid found only in animal products." [emphasis mine]

Ah yes, the big old boogie men of saturated fat and cholesterol. We already know that's BS, but what is this arachidonic acid? Only an essential fatty acid, vital for visual and cognitive development of infants and found in breast milk. In fact, if the mother is deficient they need supplementation. Arachidonic acid is vital for neural function. And these asshats are basically saying you don't need it.

See this kind of crap makes me madder than hell. Why, do you ask? Because these idiots have an air of authority, and many people who read this crap will take them at their word without looking into what the thing actually does.

They go onto say that meat causes osteoporosis. Yes, you read that correctly, I'm not making this up.
"In addition, animal products are very acidic for the body and cause calcium to be released from the bones to help neutralize the acid in the blood. This in turn leads to calcium loss and weak, brittle bones."
That's gotta be the biggest load of BS that I've read. And do they quote a source, a study? Hell no, of course they don't. If it were true, that eating animal products made your bones brittle, then body builders would be breaking bones all the damned time because most of the ones that I've read on the internet are eating paleo. These idiots just keep piling it on. Forget the shovel, someone get them a backhoe so they can dig their lying asses deeper faster. Maybe the pit they're digging will cave in and bury them. But remember, they're not advocating a vegan diet by any means. *rolls eyes*


  1. Asshattery: I saw a few minutes of Ellen the other day, where she announces she's gone vegan (based on her love of animals). And that's fine, that's cool, I'm not arguing with anyone's choice of diet. But the thing that killed me was some "expert" they had on, gushing about how "when you start eating vegan, the weight just drops off!"

    Arrgh. The failure in logic there just nettled me. WHAT IF YOU'RE ALREADY THIN? Then does the vegan diet make you emaciated? Do you die from starvation? Does the vegan diet somehow KNOW whether or not you "need" to lose weight?


    1. “When you start eating vegan, the weight just drops off!” But there’s no guarantee that weight will stay off. When I was a vegan, I found myself hungry all the time and eventually topped the scales at 93 kg or so. The weight “just dropped off” after I cut my carb consumption way down, essentially becoming largely meatarian (meatan?).

  2. That's amusing. On a number of levels. I remember reading a study done in Sweden (I've written about it somewhere on here), and apparently vegans do have a lower rate of obesity than people eating a standard diet (they did not look at paleo or people who eat low carb in this study). 40% of the people who ate a standard diet in the study were overweight, and 29% of vegans were overweight. That's still 29% of vegans were overweight. If it's a bleeding magic bullet then shouldn't the number be zero? LOL

    I understand some people do it for "ethical" (see:misguided) reasons, and I too am fine with that. You want to wreck your health for animals who's lives you will not change one iota, go for it. But leave me the hell alone. The problem is they can't leave it alone because it becomes like a fundamentalist religion to most of them.

  3. I suspect the different obesity rate for vegans is due to eating disorders - not every vegan is anorectic, but I've read several WL bloggers disclose that they chose vegetarianism and then veganism in order to mask and legitimize their eating disorder.

  4. Excessive protein consumption does cause bone brittleness. Haven't you seen pictures from Africa showing all the lions and hyenas sprawled on the ground, writhing in pain from broken bones from eating all that meat? Why do you think snakes can't stand. Their bones are too brittle from eating too many mice. And don't get me started on tuna and swordfish.

  5. Those poor hyenas and lions.

    BTW, feed a cat something other than meat and they'll become extremely sick and die.

    We were never meant to eat sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or wheat. We were meant to eat meat mostly, and vegetables/fruit *when in season*.